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How Long Does It Take To Eat Around the World in LA?

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A couple months ago, we highlighted a new blog just because it sounded cool: Man Bites World, one guy eating in different country in or around LA every day for as long as he could. The idea isn't as crazy as it sounds. As Noah Galuten says on his blog: "Fifty years ago, it was downright insane to consider a world where you could eat chilaquiles for breakfast and bibimbap for lunch. But now? People in LA can find those within blocks of each other—and get really good versions of them too."

But are all 195 countries culinarily represented in our sprawling city? Dude's been at it for 88 days, so far covered Iran (day 88) to Vatican City (day 74) to Eritrea (day 64), and found most of the food in restaurants but occasionally in homes, sometimes those of strangers. Galuten tells us his personal goal was to hit 100 countries and the pickings are gettin slim, and he still hopes to hit places like Wales, Kazakhstan, Albania, Guyana, Papua New Guinea and Somalia. Here's the archive list---if you know of a place not represented, he's taking suggestions. Does this scream "book deal" to anyone else?
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