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EaterWire: Malo Downtown, Piccolo Ressies, More

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DOWNTOWN: And what does Downtown really need? Another new Mexican restaurant! Mitchell Frank says he will open a second Malo near 7th and Grand sometime by the end of 2009. We can't help but wonder if this is the restaurant Cedd Moses alluded to (and wouldn't dish about) going into the empty ground-floor space below his Seven Grand. Hmmm? [Daily Dish]

VENICE: A tipster alerts us that the tiny, therefore almost always packed, Piccolo Ristorante is now taking reservations: "Predicting the tides was easier than predicting when a table might be free." So now if you call in advance, they'll tell you they don't have room and save you a trip. [Eater Inbox]

CHOCOLATEWIRE: Really last minute gifts? Word is Margarita "Marge" Manzke, former Bastide pastry chef (and wife of chef Walter Manzke), has been selling her delectable little chocolates (her Earl Grey truffles are fab) at the Culver City farmer's market (Tuesdays, 3pm-7pm; Main Street). [EaterWire]


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