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Sedlar Still Keeping Mum on Rivera Menu

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DOWNTOWN: We have most specifics about Rivera at the Met Lofts from various plywood tracking reports, but chef and partner John Sedlar is still keeping the menu pretty close to the vest, but we have a few more details today: In addition to tequilas on tap (!), the menu "reflects decades of Sedlar's passion for Latin culinary history," says the press release, via tamales, mole, ceviche, feijoadas, fideos and jamones representing regional Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the American Southwest, Spain and Portugal. The only things really named are a couple entrees, the "Prime Gaucho Steak and Crab Cartagena," but no real details. (But soon enough: There is a preview next week with a full grand debut on January 16.) All we know is with all of these Pan-Latin-Spanish-Mexican spots opening downtown (Casa, Provecho, Conga Room, plus the long-standing Ciudad), they're all trying to stand out in a now very crowded market.

Rivera Restaurant

1050 S Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015 213 749 1460 Visit Website