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The Shutter: The Del, Tutto Tutti Closed

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The Del, Alen Lin, 10/07

1) Playa del Rey: A reader stopped by The Del at prime time a few weeks ago: "The doors were locked and the parking lot was empty, but the sign was lit up and it looked like there were some lights on inside, too. We called and got a recording saying their kitchen was open from 5-10 every day. Heard anything about this?" Well the recording we just got said The Del is currently "closed for renovations," with no explanation or reopen date. David Reiss, owner of The Brig and Beechwood amont others, opened The Del a little more than a year ago; no word yet on what those "renovations" will be. [~ELA~]

2) Melrose: Tutto Tutti has joined the Great Froyo Melt of '08. Maybe it had its fans and decent placement next to California Chicken Café, but there just wasn't enough business. Daily Dish noticed the shop darkend and phone disconnected last week. So long hidden froyo shop. [Daily Dish]

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