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EaterWire: Casa, Rivera Public Previews

DOWNTOWN: We've been seriously tracking Casa, the new restaurant from Mendocino Farms' Mario del Pero with former Blue Velvet chef Kris Morningstar at the helm, and although the official debut is Jan. 6, the restaurant will soft open for dinner next week (Dec. 29-31) with proceeds going to help the homeless at St Peter Catholic Church in Chinatown. On Dec. 31, book a table (310.528.9455) for four and get a free bottle of Milagro tequila. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN: And over in the South Park neighborhood, our other current obsession, Rivera, throws open the doors on December 29-31 with an abbreviated menu of what's to come. Dinner only, four small plates to choose from, four cocktails, and four wines; nothing priced over $14. Reservations are accepted (213.749.1460) or first come, first serve. [EaterWire]

Rivera Restaurant

1050 S Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015 213 749 1460 Visit Website