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El Chavo: Happy Holidays and a DOH, DOH, DOH to You

LOS FELIZ: A few readers noticed that El Chavo, a favorite stop-over before or after a movie at the Vista, has been closed for a few weeks. From one: "El Chavo's door has a sign claiming it's reopening the next day, but that sign has been changed constantly for the last 10 days. I work in the area so I walk by there every day." Today's sign and outgoing phone message says the restaurant will be closed "for the holidays" until December 26. That's easy to believe until you check out the sign on the front of the building claiming the restaurant was closed for "vermin infestation and harborage" sign on the window. According to the Department of Health website, the restaurant was shuttered on December 10, and no sign if it will reopen on the 26th for sure or not. Well, at least the creatures are stirring somewhere.

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