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Week in Reviews: Restaurant at the Getty, Drago Centro, Pop Champagne Bar, More Elsewhere

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Ladies who lunch apparently lunch at the Restaurant at the Getty Museum. At least Miss Irene's mother and her friends do, which is why we have a full review today. But her mother makes her reservation under the name Virbila, which makes Miss Irene cringe:

Maybe I would have gotten the stellar experience she claims she gets if I'd used my own name instead of somebody else's. Not that I don't enjoy the restaurant. I do. The staff is willing and able, the setting remarkable, and though the food is pretty much textbook California-Mediterranean, I'm thinking the kitchen might have pulled it all together better if the staff knew they had the restaurant critic in attendance.
The setting is fantastic, the menu seasonal, and the ostrich sausage hash a mess. The Getty restaurant gets one star. Today the "S." inexplicably missing. [LAT; photo credit/flickr]

ELSEWHERE: Jonathan Gold gives an early peek of Drago Centro downtown, and dives into Nem nuong at Alhambra's Nem Nuong Kanh Hoa; LA City Beat has hand-cut noodles at Kam Hong Garden in Monterey Park; LA & OC Foodie went to the Pop Champagne Bar debut in Pasadena; Exilekiss finds La Botte to be a fine neighborhood Italian restaurant; and Eating L.A. enjoyed her gratis doner kebab at the new Spitz in Little Tokyo.

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