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Plywood Report Fairfax Edition: Golden State, More

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1) Golden State: Things are finally coming together for this ode to California (by way of sandwiches from consulting chef Samir Mohajer, gelato from Scoops' Tai Kim, and really good beer) from restaurant newbies Jason Bernstein and Jim Starr. The drywall is up, lots of painting at hand, and the kitchen is almost fully installed. It's a small space (former Nova Cafe), but perfect for a neighborhood hang. With the obligatory delays, they're now shooting for early '09. And did you notice it's a whole different kind of boy's town over there: Food Dudes Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo at Animal across the street; Mec ("dude") still planned for the Black Sea space; and skate/sneaker shops peppered among the kosher shops. [PLYWOOD]

2) Fairfax: When Reg MacDonald told us he and his business partners took over the fromer Largo space and hope to open an "upscale New York-style restaurant/bar/lounge" called Fairfax, we were excited. When he said they hoped to open by December, we were hesitant. And true, the place is now completely gutted and looking rough on the outside. Definitely not happening until next year. [PLYWOOD]