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LAT Gets No Stars

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No S. Irene Virbila restaurant review in the Los Angeles Times again this week, but she does pen an article about wine in restaurants, definitely an ode to some of her favorite spots like A.O.C. and Palate. But about that "no review" thing: The pattern seems to be no stars at least one week every month (no reviews on Sept. 3, Oct. 15, Nov. 19 and now Dec. 3). In the past when she took time off, someone else would fill in and file something (Leslie Brenner's biting reviews are missed); but these are full-on gaps in restaurant coverage from the paper of note. Are there really not enough restaurants to review? An editorial decision, perhaps a chance for the critic to focus on other topics? Budgetary cutbacks? You decide. But for a large metropolitan the "S." stands for "sad." [~ELA~]

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