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Year in Eater 2008: Headlines for 2009

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To close out 2008, we asked various industry types, bloggers, media and readers to weigh in on their Most Memorable Meals, Biggest Dining Surprises, Best Dining Neighborhoods, the Year in One Word, Top Standbys and Top Newcomers. Let's wrap this up with their Headline Predictions for 2009 and call it a day:
Bastide, just another shutter victim [Photo: Alen Lin, 9/14/07]

Q: Headline predictions for next year?

Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly: Headless Chef Found in Tapas Bar.

Brad Johnson, Angeleno: Six restaurants from Angeleno’s Top 50 will close due to economic hardship; The Montage proves that professional waiters aren’t oxymorons and sets a new service standard; People suddenly wise up and realize that frozen yogurt never was very healthy or delicious.

Vinny Dotolo, Chef/Owner, Animal: Chefs actually at their restaurants cooking!

Jon Shook, Chef/Co-Owner, Animal: Great Chefs Go Simple

Lonny Pugh, UrbanDaddy: Bouchon Delayed, Food Writers Fall Upon Swords

H.C., LA & OC Foodventures:
Give Us Real Steaks, Please!: Diners wear of recession, even more sick of restos' short ribs, flat-irons and other cheap cuts

Jeff Miller, Thrillist: "Deathwatch: Everyone"

Lesley Bargar, Los Angeles Magazine: ____ Closing. Fill in the blank. Sigh....

Caroline on Crack: All Things Bacon Restaurant Hits L.A.

Rich Alossi, Angelenic: ____ Restaurant slashes prices

Pat Saperstein, Eating L.A.: Dozens of L.A. restaurants lower prices for recession dining

Food Marathon: Pinkberry goes bankrupt; McDonalds to serve 7 course tasting menu; The Bazaar's foie gras cotton candy replaces candy canes at Christmas

Noah Galuten, Man Bites World: Culver City Adds 235 New Restaurants To Downtown Area: Ugo, For Some Reason, Still Busy

Marissa Gluck, Curbed LA: [Fill in the blank] Shutters

Alissa Walker, Gelatobaby and Eater LA guestblogger: Nancy Silverton Opens Mozza Mini-Chain to Compensate for Lost Ponzi Dough; Tai Kim Teams Up With Animal Guys, Begins Offering Only Meat-Inspired Gelato Flavors, Vegans Boycott Scoops; George Abou-Daoud Buys Every Building on Sunset From Highland to Wilton; S. Irene Virbilia Enjoys a Delicious, Quiet, Hipster-, Bacon-, and Salt-Free Meal at Coco's

Lesley, Eater LA: Thomas Keller Tests Sous Vide Truck in L.A.; Keller's Bouchon Opens, All Other French Restos Close; Keller Picks Pasadena For Second Area Bouchon (oh, one can dream?); Nancy Silverton Gets Millions Back, Starts Blogger Fund; Recession Hits Mozza, Offers Happy Hour Pizzas For Only $5

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