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Year in Eater 2008: Year in One Word

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As is tradition, the Eater closeout of the year is a survey of industry types, bloggers, media and readers. This year we asked seven questions, from Best Newcomers to Top Standby, and Most Memorable Meals, Biggest Dining Surprises, and Best Dining Neighborhoods have dropped already. The rest will be answered by the time we turn off the lights today. The responses are in no particular order:
2008: Year of the Pig. [Jamon Iberico at The Bazaar opener]

Q: The year in one word?

Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly: "Market-driven,'' in all senses of the term.

Rich Alossi, Angelenic: Comfort

Betty Hallock, Los Angeles Times: Spiraling

Lonny Pugh, UrbanDaddy: Tumultuous

Lesley Bargar, Los Angeles Magazine: Porcine

Jeff Miller, Thrillist: Filling

Vinny Dotolo, Chef/Owner, Animal: Pig

Jon Shook, Chef/Co-Owner, Animal: PIG

Brad Johnson, Angeleno: JamesBeardAward!

Caroline on Crack: Fattening, what with alcoholic milkshakes, new cupcake stores and bacon doughnuts abound.

Pat Saperstein, Eating L.A.: Turbulent

Food Marathon: Bye-bye-Bush

Josh Lurie, Food GPS: Bacon

H.C., LA & OC Foodventures: Recession, obvs.

Noah Galuten, Man Bites World: Unpredictable

Alissa Walker, Gelatobaby and Eater LA guestblogger: BoneMarrowOMG

Lesley, Eater LA: Broke, me, restaurants, media, everyone.

As always, please add yours in comments.