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Kogi: The Guerrilla Gourmets

2008_12_kogitruck.jpg News of the Kogi Korean BBQ truck spread fast yesterday, and today LAist has a review. Chef Roy Choi is Culinary Institute of America grad, worked at Le Bernadin, in Iron Chef Michiba's kitchen, and at RockSugar in Century City. His take on the food: "We're Korean, but we're American and we grew up in LA. It's not a stigma food, it's a representation of who we are...everything you get in that taco is what we live in LA. It's the 720 bus on Wilshire, it's the 3rd street Juanita's Tacos, the Korean supermarket and all those things that we live everyday in one bite. That was our goal. To take everything about LA and put it into one bite...It's Mexican, it's Korean, it's organic, it's California, it's farmer's market, it's drunk people after midnight." Track the Kogi truck on their website or Twitter. [ELA; LAist]