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Fall Tracking: Club Sushi

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Initial Projection: Summer 2006, 2007, 2008
Current Projection: December 26

By the amount of queries we get, people are obsessed with Club Sushi. It's safe to assume not so much because they want/need a ginormous sushi restaurant/club in Hollywood, but because it's at the Arclight and the "coming soon" signs have been teasing us for years. At a recent check-in, it looked like furniture started to arrive, the sushi bar is looking more in place, signage is appropriately affixed outside. A few weeks ago reps said they will finally debut on December 17, but dates always shift and now we hear December 26 19. And then you can have the whole sushi-morphs-into-nightclub experience that didn't work for Goa, but maybe it will here.
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