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Froyo Wars: Yogurt Stop Wants to Give It a Go

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Original photo from Atwater Village Newbie in the Eater LA Flickr pool

WEHO: Just when we thought The Melt was at hand, it looks like the Yogurt Shop is finally coming to fruition on Santa Monica Boulevard. Signage was originally spotted earlier this summer, but now it's even more in depth. They're working at every angle to differentiate themselves from the "others" in the Froyo Vortex: note the use of text-friendly "r," "u" and "b," signifying their youthfulness; the silhouette on the window could be a tranny or a bombshell, perfect for Boystown; with flavor names like "Fierce" French Vanilla, Original Weho Tart, Divalicious Lemon, Drag Strip Strawberry and Peppermint Dipstick, surely they're not trying to copy boring old plain and green tea. The outgoing voicemail explains that there will be 30 flavors with 10 served daily, plus 35 toppings. Tagline: "We're Yogurt Stop. We Don't Swirl, You Pump It Yourself." Yeah, take that Pinkberry.
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