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Not Another One: Celebrity Tables Resy Service

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If TableXchange and Table Pronto couldn't catch on, what makes Celebrity Tables think it will? Oh yes, another "elite concierge service for those looking to book last minute dining reservations at the most coveted and highly acclaimed restaurants around" has launched. Sorry, but a table at Bond Street for $35? Citrus at Social? Who's going to pay $50 for an 8pm Saturday night ressie at Spago instead of adjust the time to earlier or later that night or just go another day? Everyone knows you can get a spot at the bar at Osteria Mozza if your name isn't in the book; sometimes there's a wait, sometimes there isn't. What's more, it's been said over and over again---there are few places in town that are difficult to get into these days. Horrible timing for "the perfect intuitive solution for the sudden impromptu celebration."
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