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GoinStyne Has a Name: Tavern in Brentwood

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Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne have kept mum on the name of their next project, the Balthazar-esque restaurant and bakery going into the former Hamlet on San Vicenti, but according to the January issue of Food & Wine, it's going to be called Tavern in Brentwood. We'll go with it for now---it's clean, simple, rustic, neighborhood, easy, and much better than our GoinStyne place holder. There's a recipe for Goin's mustard-crusted lamb in the mag, which is something we might see on the new menu. Also confirmed: Tavern will serve three square, plus have an in-house bakery and retail area. At a spot check over the weekend we noticed much more progress inside (and fully rendered above), but not so much outside. Of course, the restaurant isn't expected to debut in early 2009 so there's still time.
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