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Eater Spot Check: John Sedlar's Rivera

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DOWNTOWN: We spotted new signage for John Sedlar's Rivera at the Metlofts over the weekend, and while it looks almost ready inside, they didn't pass final inspections until the last couple days so training can finally commence. There is a lot going on here: Playa, the room with a Latin "sushi" bar, large windows looking to the sidewalk, and a communal table that seats up to 35; Samba, the bar/lounge/dining room with plasma TV art installations and custom-designed "tequila chairs"; Sangre, the infamous tequila room that has a wall of lockers for J. Sedlar Rivera tequila, which only "members" have access to (it will cost $400 a bottle, and you get your own locker key). If you see people in the space over the next couple of weeks, they're hosting several private events and getting ready. Soft open with limited menus will be Dec. 29-31, with the full grand opening on January 16. Earlier Plywood tracking here and here but more details to come...
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Rivera Restaurant

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