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Can Anything Really Take the Place of the Wiener Factory?

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Final farewell from wiener fans, jek in the box, Flickr

A reader laments the loss of Sherman Oaks favorite hot dog stand, the Wiener Factory, which closed after 36 years, and curses its replacement Pinkberry:

You know. It's those little places like Wiener Factory that keep a neighborhood together. Not pinkberry. They closed Dec 31 at 6 pm. I was one of the last ones. They had amazing cole slaw and cheese dogs. Its not Pinks, but that was our Pinks. I want to see them move Pinks for a HUGE Pinkberry. I heard that the landlord asked for more money from the Wiener Factory knowing that will squeeze them out.
And squeeze them out, they did. But when one door shuts, another opens.
There's a new place that just opened this week, and I've been back for seconds already and brought some friends. It's the first Curreyworst I had outside of Germany ever... and it was good. They have venison brats, all sorts. It's called Brats Brothers. Nice guys Roland and Peter run it. They took over a nice little place that used to be Jacques Cafe. Still clean tho.. i told them to get a mud fight going inside."
Why do hot dogs always taste better in a dirty restaurant? Brats Brothers is at 13456 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, 818.986.4020. It's still unclear if the Wiener Factory will reopen, but boy, it was loved.
· Wiener Factory, Today and Tomorrow [Chowhound]

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