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Eater Inside: Little Dom's

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Alen Lin, 1/31/08

There's something about going into a new place that feels old, but not in a trite, staged way. That's Little Dom's, from the same folks who brought us Dominick's and the 101 Coffee Shop, Warner Ebbink and chef Brandon Boudet. The menu (woodfired pizzas, a great burger, homemade pastas, chickpea fries with an addictive cheese sauce for dipping, desserts better than they should be) fits the setting, the price point fits the neighborhood. We hear there are plans for a Monday night special, sort of like the Sunday Suppers at Dominick's, only with pizza and beer. An adjacent deli is coming down the pike, as is breakfast. Good vibes all around. Here's the menu, and a little preview before it opened.

The booths, photos on the walls: classic

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