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Plywood Report: Roy's Pasadena, Andiamo Pizza, Johnny Reb's Back to Long Beach

PASADENA: Yes, the Dena is rife with chains, but this one actually makes sense. Roy's Hawaiian is coming to Colorado Boulevard near the Laemmle Playhouse movie theater and Vroman's bookstore, in the ground floor of the newish Trio building. Roy Yamaguchi got his start here in LA in the late 70s-early 80s, but moved to Hawaii to open Roy's in 1988; now there are 34 locations worldwide (the last to open in LA was downtown). There are some OK restaurants in that nabe, but it definitely needs some oomph. If they bring it, it will be huge for post Playhouse and movie crowd. [EaterWire]

SILVER LAKE: Andiamo, which bills itself as a "cool, hip pizza joint," is gearing up to open soon in a strip mall at 2815 Sunset Boulevard. Some commenters on Eating L.A. explain that "It's a unique concept started by four friends/family from New Jersey with a vision of bringing great food here to Southern California. The chef is classically trained and has a 4-star rating. 'Pizza goes green' is the tag line used most often by the owners when describing their take on the modern pizzeria- organics (provided by local growers), composting, bio-packaging and energy efficient eqpt and lighting are just a few of the advances they hope to bring to the community." And we know they use scooters for deliver. Scooters! [EaterWire]

LONG BEACH: After a fire ripped through the 24-year-old Johnny Reb's in Long Beach last August, the owners are finally ready to reopen in March. The restaurant lost most of its southern kitsch memorabilia in the fire, but owner Cheryl Carter says, "When it opens, it will be close to the same as it was before." [LBPT]