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Luckyfish Revealed, Debuts Friday

What's with this week? All of a sudden, openings all over the place. Does everyone think we're all distracted with Valentine's Day? It takes more than heart-shaped chocolates and roses to take us off the Dish beat.

BEVERLY HILLS: Here we have Luckyfish, the new kaiten-zushi spot from the Sushi Roku/Boa/Katana clan otherwise known as Innovative Dining Group. Luckyfish has been a long time coming, but opens to the public on Friday because nothing is more romantic than watching your sushi roll by on a conveyor belt. A few readers noticed that the restaurant already looks busy, but we're told it's still in friends-and-family phase, working those kinks out. There will be table service, a sushi bar, plus sake, wine, take-out and delivery, all things to all people, it seems. If this works, IDG plans to expand Luckyfish across the land. (338 N. Canon Dr., 310.274.9800)
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