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The Romance of Lonnie Moore

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There's nothing like watching Dolce Group's Lonnie Moore on a date to make you feel all warm and Valentine's Day fuzzy inside. We finally caught the Millionaire Matchmaker episode where Moore pairs up with a model who does "Playboy-type stuff," the only thing she said that got his attention. Before the date, the blonde tells matchmaker Patti that Lonnie "seems a little full of himself" and needs to be "more chivalrous." Moore's translation: Tell her she's pretty and kiss her hand a lot, leave her by herself for awhile, and then invite tons of friends to the date. (This from a guy who gets into trouble with underrage girls? Shocking.) A note at the end of the show says that Patti Stranger is no longer working with Moore, but him finding a woman was never really the point. Les Deux was mentioned several times, and Geisha House and Dolce saw some serious screen time. Mission accomplished. [~ELA~]

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