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Black Thursday: V-Day Horror Stories Wanted

The ridiculousness that is Valentine's Day: Nothing says love like a warm, fuzzy, cuddly cup of tangy frozen yogurt.

Look. We're all for romance, but Valentine's Day is a shitshow. Sure, every restaurant has something special planned---our inbox is filled all sorts of prix fixe this, lobster and champagne that. But this is amateur night, a close second to New Year's Eve, filled with people who have no business dining out in public, overworked staff and overpriced menus. And still no gaurantee of getting laid afterwards. But oh yes, just about every restaurant in town is booked twice over, which means only one thing: The night will be rife with tales...the good, the bad and the ugly. And we can't wait to hear them. Please, do indulge us when all is said and done.

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