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Plywood Special: Ivan Kane's Cafe Was

Exterior rendered; interior under construction (courtesy The Guide)

Now that the Forty Deuce business is out of the way, we have more details on Cafe Was, Ivan Kane's new restaurant going in the former Schwab's space at Sunset + Vine: Official PR verbage mentions "a theatrically bohemian-chic hideaway" with a grand staircase "leading to nowhere," a room with paintings on the ceiling, and a balcony with "a mysterious lavish candle display." New York design firm RKIT is in charge of all this boho-ness. Kane told The Guide: "The main room will be so warm and inviting that Alicia Keys could drop in unannounced prior to the release of her CD and the 100 or so people there will be the luckiest people in the world." We're still waiting on menu/dining details. The plan is to open in April or May this year.
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