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Black Thursday Aftermath: Picky Eaters, Bad Service

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In honor of the shitshow that is Valentine's Day, we asked you brave souls who went out last night to tell us how it went. We love us some romance, but hitting the scene on a night filled with overcrowded, understaffed restaurants with expensive set menus just doesn't spell l-o-v-e. And yet every restaurant in town was double booked. We'll roll out your war stories as they come in, so please, do share.

Since we're not getting inundated with emails---seriously? did everyone have an in night or what?---we found us a couple Valentine's Night reviews elsewhere. Here, someone went to Pastis and experienced an unshocking amateur-hour twofer: Scattered service coupled with friends who send dishes back.

Then, the server brought out 4 appetizers – 2 of which were incorrect. When we told them, they tried ‘reshuffling’ between us. We had to clarify again that they simply had the wrong appetizers. They took 2 away and then when my friends with the correct appetizers began to eat, a server came and tried to stop them so they could take the appetizers for another table! It was a bit ludicrous. After another long wait, the correct appetizers came, and the server finally apologized. As for the actual food, the chorizo risotto was actually quite good, but our long unabated hunger may have been a factor. My friend had the terrine and took 2 bites and sent it back. It’s unclear to me if it was bad or if my friend was just being strangely picky, which he can be prone to do.
Knowing full well she should never try a restaurant for the first time on V-Day, she might actually give Pastis a second chance on a regular night, but leave the picky eater friends to fend for themselves elsewhere.
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