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Black Thursday Recap: Reservation Roulette

In honor of the shitshow that is Valentine's Day, we asked you brave souls who think it's actually a good night for dining out to tell us how it went. We love us some romance, but hitting the scene on a night filled with overcrowded, understaffed restaurants with expensive set menus just doesn't spell l-o-v-e. We'll roll out your war stories as they come in, so please, do share.

Let's start things off with a note that came in late last night, a pre-Valentine's Day night story, if you will. There's nothing to get you in the mood like a set of "holiday" rules.

Called The Hungry Cat yesterday to make Valentine's dinner reservations. The Hostess said it's tight but I made tentative reservations at 7pm and the manager would call back to confirm and I said fine. This morning I get a call and I kid you not, this is what was said to me:

- We can get you in but we have to move the reservation to 5:30.
- The only seating available is on the patio but the weather report looks good for tonight.
- Were you told about our "special" dinner we're having? It's fixed price & three courses at $80 per person and we're adding a 20% gratuity.

Of course I was pleasant and told her we're not interested. I actually feel pretty bad that she was forced to make such a call.

The Black Thursday Aftermath Line is officially open, folks. Let's hear it---the good, the bad and/or the ugly.
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