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The Shutter Weekend Edition: Happi Songs Asian Tavern

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That didn't last long. Steven Arroyo's Japanese pub food experiment on the corner 6th and La Brea has closed. As seen above, Arroyo went against the grain and boldly advertised his most popular restaurant to attract business to Happi Songs, but even that didn't help. According to the outgoing message at the restaurant:

"Due to the underwhelming six months of business we have decided to shut our doors. Please be patient as we regroup and develop a new menu and concept we call Wyeth."
We thought she said "Wyatt" and could only think the Old West, cowboys, Deadwood. But Wyeth? Your guess is as good as ours. Sidenote: 750ml, the French-ish bistro Arroyo opened in South Pasadena around the same time as Happi Songs Asian Tavern, is going strong.
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