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San Pedro May Lose Papadakis Tavern

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Photo via the Daily Breeze

Papadakis Tavern has anchored its San Pedro corner since 1973, but the days of moussaka, belly dancers and USC memorabilia might be numbered: There's a rumor that it will be replaced with a Marie Callender's. Papadakis is the only restaurant we've been to in San Pedro, but it's one of many Greek spots we've tried in LA. It's a lively spot, for sure. Anyone who goes in---even first timers---are greeted with big hugs and firm handshakes. They applaud USC football stars like they're Hollywood celebrities. There's music, dancing, a lot of "Opa!" The Papadakis family is there at the door, even waiting tables, and if the restaurant shutters, it would be a loss. But is a mediocre chain like Marie Callender's a step in the right direction for a city trying to change its image?
· Last dance near for Papadakis Taverna? [Daily Breeze]

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