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Medusa Lounge, nee Lowenbrou Keller, Still Changing

It's hard to make out, but this snap is from Medusa Lounge a couple days ago. Yes, it's empty. Sent by our friend Charlie from The Guide, we can't help but wonder if the new owners already threw in the towel, or worse, if they're finally getting rid of the last remnants of Lowenbrou Keller altogether. Answer to both: No. Word form manager Mike is that he's going "more loungey," which means all the booths are gone, history, replaced by custom-made banquettes and ottomans but "not too contemporary." The 40-year-old Italian carpet will be replaced with concrete floors. Almost all of the original George Eder design---everything on the walls, the statues and the antique furniture will remain. So, no, Medusa Lounge will no longer look like this, but it won't completely stay the same. It was inevitable. Medusa is closed until Saturday, but the new furniture won't be in until next week, so consider the next 10 days or so that of transition.
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