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LA Mag's Best in LA: Can Union Station Really Compete Against Roscoe's?

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Los Angeles magazine has finally decided to go interactive with a March Madness-style bracket where you, if you have 10 minutes or so to spare, can whittle down the best our city has to offer from a list of 64. How it works, from executive editor Mary Melton:

Some make sense—the Apple Pan vs. In-n-Out, say—while others are intentionally random, like USC Football vs. The Weather. Out of this first round of voting, which lasts until February 25, we’ll narrow the field to 32 (to be announced in the April issue and on the web site), then 16 (May), 8 (June), the final four (July), and then one winner (August, in our Best of LA issue). Each month readers will be able to vote anew, and find out the results in the magazine and on the web site.
This first round should be easy to choose what's more significant to LA: Roscoe's vs. Union Station, the beach vs. doughnuts, Langer's vs. the Grove, rooftop neon vs. taco trucks. Perhaps not. One other notable from Melton: The is finally getting its much-deserved overhaul this spring with "all the bells and whistles" and even...yep...blogs. Welcome to 2008, kids!
· LA Mag's 64 greatest things in LA [LA Mag]

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