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Osteria La Buca New Design Unveiled, Corbin Bernsen Not the Best Party Guest

We've known about and saw glimpses of Osteria La Buca's new design, and the restaurant has been serving/not serving in various rooms for months, but designer Kris Keith from Spacecraft Group feted the new look on Monday night. Highlights from the design party on Food Marathon and Eating L.A.: cozy fireplace upstairs (although you may smell like smoke), bigger main room yet still intimate, clever wine bottle chandeliers, Mama still Mama. But it was this story from an anonymous tipster that takes the antipasti:

Went to the Osteria La Buca re-opening party last night. Saw Corbin Bernsen who turned out to be quite the appetizer hog---he’s the guy who takes five bruschettas for himself when there are only ten on the entire platter. He did this repeatedly. At one point he even had his elbow in my back, trying to get at the apps! Luckily super hottie Josh Lucas was there with a friend so I had a nice distraction.

The party was great but we were starving so we went to Osteria Mozza, sat down at the mozzarella bar and had a couple of snacks. I look up from my mole salumi Panini and see Appetizer Hog again! No idea why he was there since he ate 80% of the food at the La Buca party.

There's a chance he was piling up treats for several people...or not. Just because there's more seating, don't bet that getting a ressie at La Buca will be easy. Just more people to elbow.
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