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Post-Plywood: La Grande Orange Cafe

Finally readying itself to debut is La Grande Orange Cafe, a Scottsdale import anchoring the Del Mar Gold Line stop in Pasadena. The historic structure was actually moved to the park across the street for Metro construction and then moved back; now it will be an all-day restaurant with two patios, a wine bar and an American comfort food menu. According to manager Kerry Rice, "It's food you can eat several times a week, if not several times a day, and not get sick of. It's going to be rock solid quality: always fresh, everything made on premises. Chuck roast ground to order for the burgers, prime rib shaved to order for our french dip. Fresh tortillas to order." If that's true and it pans out, Pasadeans and Gold Line riders will rejoice. Kerry sent some snaps showing how far its come since we last peeked in October, and here's a look at the space before the colorful transformation.



We looked inside the glass enclosed wine bar

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