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The Waffle Report: First Weekend, Full House

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Popped in to check out The Waffle on Saturday. Too soon to really tell how good it is, but it's definitely promising (some Eater commenters had misses and hits). The menu is varied but not as large as we thought; it's tasty homespun diner-y food, some caliber ingredients, and reasonable prices. Way better food than Denny's, not as boutique-y as Square One. We talked to co-owner Gavin Polone who was standing behind the counter "learning the ropes so he can help out." According to him, The Waffle came about after a trip to an IHOP nearby: "I saw Jason Alexander trying to use his Hollywood pull for a table. At an IHOP." That's when he knew LA needed more breakfast spots, especially one with good vegetarian options. He partnered with friend John Papsidera who knew Scooter, and they opened The Waffle.

So far, so crazy: There were some computer glitches in the first couple days, the kitchen and staff are still getting their timing together, but it's been packed. All we cared about was the trying the bacon waffle and it pleased, the coffee's nice and strong. We sat next to Susan Feniger---Scooter and Papsidera both worked with her at City back in the 80s---who said she enjoyed her scramble. The bar upstairs is petit, but nice. If and when everything smooths out, this will be a boon for the businesses in that building and locals during the day, and for anyone who needs hash browns smothered with chili and cheese at 3am. Polone said they're already talking about opening more, possibly in the West Valley and, yes, maybe Pasadena (oh how the Dena needs a good breakfast spot).
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