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Bodega de Cordova Now Sheddy's

From our most successful Name That Venue run ever, the teensy Bodega de Cordova on Fairfax officially closed. According to signage, it's now Sheddy's, which will have its grand opening March 14-17. From the former Bodega owner, a goodbye note:

It's been a great three years and we've loved serving you, but I am passing the torch to a friend for the next great time. Bodega DeCordova is going to new ownership in February.

A few things will change but the beer & wine will remain so stay tuned. The new bar will re-open in March 2008 with a very cool new vibe.

We get an Irish bar vibe with the name and timing, but no confirmation on that yet. Wonder if Kenny and Raul ever made it to Miami?
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