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The Soho House to Come

Sure, Ashton, Demi, Jarvier Bardem and Penelope Cruz swing by the Soho House during Oscar Week, but will it work after the golden statues are put away? From Soho House founder Nick Jones: "How are we approaching L.A.? Very nervously. We know that private clubs are not a thing of the culture here." Except that Cedd Moses is opening the $4,950-membership fee Doheny any day now, and the "referral only" Villa opened on Melrose a few months ago. Jeffrey Chodorow tried to make the upstairs of Social a private VIP haven, and now it's only used for special events. From The Chod: "We get a lot of requests from people in L.A. who want to have a dinner for 20 and not pay. It's this freebie mentality." [LAT]