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Eater Inside: Akasha Restaurant, Bar & Bakery

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This Culver City beauty is Akasha Restaurant, Bar & Bakery from chef and caterer Akasha Richmond, one of those projects that's been a long time coming---taking over the historic Hull Building, last home to San Gennaro restaurant, meant extra paperwork, extra delays---but it finally opened almost two weeks ago. You know how Jessica Seinfeld is tricking her kids into eating healthy? Well, Akasha kind of does the same, at least with the deceptively delicious vegan pastries and baked goods from the bakery, which opens at 7am. With lunch, dinner, and a bar that stays open until 12:30am on the weekends, Richmond's definitely going for the everyday neighborhood kind of place. As mentioned before, Akasha's whole theme is sustainable and eco-friendly, from the design to the ingredients used to the uniforms the servers wear. We don't have a current menu, but here's a taste.