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The Shutter: Minibar Closed, Chang's of Brentwood For Sale?

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Time once again for The Shutter Report, a recap of what's closed or is closing. See something shutter for good? The tipline is all yours.

CAHUENGA PASS: A tipster writes: "I think Minibar is closed up shop. Called there tonight and the number is out of service and the place is all shuttered up." The number is disconnected and an email to the one of owners bounces back, but the website is still fully intact, so we suspect this happened rather recently. No word on the why, but this is a good example of a restaurant that opened at the right time (2004, when Hollywood's "Cahuenga Corridor" was really filling in) and got some good press, but it never became much more than a neighborhood hangout. Too often, that's just not enough. [EaterWire Inbox]

BRENTWOOD: We don't have firm confirmation on this, but here we have a real estate listing for an unnamed Chinese restaurant with a new patio in Brentwood that's been open for 35 years. There's only one restaurant that fits this description: Chang's. No one at the restaurant will confirm that it's for sale (unless you're an interested buyer), but there's little chance it's anything else. With news that Dutton's will close after 23 years in April, and the Hamburger Hamlet closed after more than 40 years---but will become a Suzanne Goin/Caroline Styne restaurant---change is definitely afoot in the tony Westside enclave. [ELA]