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VegasWire: IRS Raids Pure Management Group

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A recent night at Pure

Something big is going down with Pure Management Group in Vegas right now. PMG is one of the major nightlife and restaurant players in town---they own Pure at Caesars, of course, but also partnered with LAX and several new restaurants and lounges at the Luxor, Social House at Treasure Island, Dick's Last Resort at Excalibur, Lucky Strike at the Rio, and Coyote Ugly at New York-New York. And last week, the IRS raided the their offices and confiscated computers. It's rumored to be about how much money the doormen clear and where it goes, with estimates up to $10,000 a night. If you've never been to one of these clubs, it's chaotic: The lines are out of hand and it takes a lot money to get inside. And we're not talking the $20 you might slip Craig for a quick table at Dan Tana's. The whole Vegas nightlife industry, and we imagine the host properties (Caesars and MGM-Mirage) included, are on edge. No one has been accused of or charged with a crime, and in an official statement PMG said they are fully cooperating with the IRS investigation. On the plus side, this might mean the usually tight velvet ropes will be a little bit looser on your next visit.
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