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Happi Songs Will Not Become Wyeth, Now Goat

Yes, that's correct. Steven Arroyo closed Happi Songs after only six months, and two weeks ago confirmed that the new resto would be called Wyeth. Instead, it will reopen as Goat on Friday. It's like he woke up the other morning and thought, "You know. I'm feeling Goat. Let's go with GOAT." According to UrbanDaddy, the name refers to the sturdy animal (and often delicious one: there is a goat confit dish on the menu), but also "the famous acronym bestowed upon Muhammad Ali. (G.O.A.T. refers, of course, to Greatest of All Time.)." Of the decor, UD says:

The tables are worn, the chairs don't all quite match and, below a pair of gothic chandeliers, the walls are covered with a carefully eclectic mix of pastoral paintings, mirrors and black-and-white photos.
As in, "Let's find everything we can at nearby antique/thrift shops and put it on the walls. We'll call it 'eclectic'." At least it sounds more cozy and not as contrived as the Japanese-youth street scene thing he was going for before. The menu has come together, too, more along the lines of Cobras & Matadors, 750ml and Sgt. Recruiter, which means it might actually have the chance Happi Songs didn't. The chef is Robert Luna, who opened Silver Lake's Malo. Goat could be a great casual spot, just what the neighborhood needs, or it could end up as another Arroyo six-month experiment. Place your bets now. (460 S La Brea Ave, 323.936.7622)
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