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EaterWire: The Stand Opens, More on Lift's Closure, Soho House Possibilities

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WESTWOOD: Free burrito shmirrito. Let's talk hot dogs: The Stand, which doesn't need to give away free food to gain your love, opened in the village yesterday. Yes, it has the skin-snappy all-beef dogs. Yes, there are those baskets of fries. And yes, kiddies, beer. Beer! You can valet at the Gardens on Glendon if necessary. (1116 Westwood Blvd., 310.443.0400) [EaterWire]

HOLLYWOOD: According to owner Steve Adelman, Lift is closed until Friday for "minor reno," with the cryptic addition that he's "refocusing a little more to be a bar at night." With the speakeasyish 86 in the basement, which we hear gets busy after 10pm, we see the logic here. A healthy 24-hour diner has no place on that star-lined stretch of the Boulevard. [EaterWire]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: The Soho House took up the top floor of Luckman Plaza for its annual Oscar week shindig, but the penthouse will probably become the permanent home to the members-only club (mentioned here, almost confirmed here). With Boa Steakhouse moving to the ground floor of the same building, seems 9200 Sunset Boulevard will be the place to be in '09. [The Guide]

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