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Eater StarWatch: Heidi Klum at 25 Degrees, Jimmy Kimmel at Mozza, Gwen and Gavin at Hugo's

Sorry for the delayed StarWatch, dear readers. Perhaps we got caught up in the flaccid pre-Oscar non-splendor, but here's a little mashup from this and last week. Spot a celeb trying to eat like a "regular person," give us a shout. We'll add it to the Watch next week.

Izakaya Katsuya: From a trusty source: "Celeb spotting today: Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow Soprano) at lunch, looking very fit with two friends." [StarWatch Inbox]

Osteria Mozza: On 2/21: "Jerry Bruckheimer with a bald man and a script. Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Cousin Sal, and 5 other guys - probably writers after doing the show. Silverman is LOUD." [StarWatch Inbox]

Hugo's Studio City: All on 2/20: Gwen, Gavin and Kingston Stefani-Rossdale "looking magnificent," Arye Gross of "Ellen" notoriety, Omar Epps who only tip waitresses. [Defamer]

25 Degrees: On 2/21, after spotting Kathleen Robertson of 90201 fame, and then: "Service for our meal was a little on the slow side (per usual), until it came time to pay the check and have our plates cleared. It was then we were informed that Heidi Klum needed a table -- our table. We barely had a chance get up and walk away before Heidi and her entourage took over. She was shorter than I imagined; let's say 5'8". [Defamer]

Mexico City: Gilmore Girl-no-more Lauren Graham was spotted with a couple on 2/21. "Still quite the (fictional) MILF!" [Defamer]

Taverna Tony's: Ahh, the irony: Courteney Cox was nabbed by paparazzi after dining at the Greek spot in Malibu on 2/18. How’s it feel now, Lucy Spiller? Hmm? [Celebrity Gossip]

Nobu: In the face of Fool’s Gold reviews like Rolling Stone’s “stupid, slack, and sexless,” what else could Kate Hudson do last Wednesday (2/20) but stop for some sushi in Malibu. [StarWatch Inbox]

SHU: Britney Spears and her “naughty bits” train chugged into the Bel Air sushi spot on Monday night (2/18), where she added yet another photo to the ever-expanding upskirt scrapbook. Naturally, her bodyguard, assistant, and plethora of paparazzi were in tow. [Page Six]

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