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Los Angeles Restaurants Knee-Deep in Recalled Meat

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The California Department of Health released a partial list of Southern California butchers, markets, and restaurants that received shipments from the 143 million pounds of beef from the Westland-Hallmark Meat Co., the largest meat recall in American history. The list is insane---59 pages and growing---filled with places where one might expect to find bargain meat: taco stands, small meat markets, Albertson's, Millie's in Silver Lake, several Hooters and Bob's Big Boy locations, long-gone spots like Johnie's Broiler in Downey and Beadle's Cafeteria in Pasadena. Some others caught our eye: Hamburger Haven on SMB in West Hollywood, Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, El Tapeyac, and How's Market in North Hollywood.

But then we spotted The Lodge Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. The Lodge? This was supposed to be Michael Sutton's and Adolfo Suaya's prime steakhouse. Many a celebrity has been spotted there. We've eaten there (right when it opened in 2005). Miss Irene gave it one star. We confirmed with the restaurant that Adolfo Suaya officially sold his stake in the Lodge (contrary to what his PR told us months ago), but interestingly enough, Suaya's first restaurants---Gaucho Grills in Pasadena, Studio City and Woodland Hills---also got meat from Westland at some point and time.

The recalled meat is from over the last two years, so there's a chance that if you've eaten at any of these places, you've probably consumed it. The DOH claims there are no health risks, but you'd know that by now, wouldn't you.
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