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The Doheny Valet, Revealed

Cedd Moses knows what he's doing: Tell the people they can't get into your club, and it only makes them want to more. Let the daily Doheny unveiling begin. This snap and note just hit the inbox: "I work downtown right near the Doheny's super secret location, so I went snoopin around and found this. It's an awning over the entryway of the club. It's kinda weird cause it's located in the parking lot of the Petroleum Building on Olympic, basically in the middle of the garage. It's set up for valet pick-up/drop off right there. There were some construction guys installing lights and stuff like that under that awning, but I didn't really wanna test trying to go in. Also, not sure if you notice it, but there's one of those security cams right there above the awning. No sign of the fingerprint scanner though."
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