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Plywood Report: Rush Street, Lucky Tiki, Unnamed Echo Park Wine Bar

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CULVER CITY: Our first Plywood sighting of Rush Street was last September when a tipster told us an owner was from Ford's across the street, and it looked like it could open by the end of the year. Ahem. Here we have shots of the gutted space from a couple weeks ago. You'll see work is progressing at a fast clip, and we're told Rush Street will hopefully open in April. More details: Owners are Chicago native Brian McKeaney, who grew up in the bar/restaurant business (his family owns thirteen establishments on and around Rush Street), TV and film producer Ken Kaufman, and Tom Patchett, co-founder of Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station Art Complex. The former sign shop will have a large sidewalk patio, a 35-foot bar (the largest, they say, in Culver City), a lounge and dining room downstairs, and a second-floor lounge with CC's only roof-top patio. Ah, now we see why it's taken so long; imagine the permits for that. Expect signature fresh-fruit cocktails, microbrews, wines, and updated bar food from chef Dave Northrup, lunch, dinner, late-night. Seriously. Culver City is shaping up to be its own mini bar-hopping mecca. (9546 Washington Blvd.)

SILVER LAKE: There's an interesting name attached the pending ABC license for the short-lived Johnny's Cocktail Lounge at 2939 W Sunset Boulevard: Bob Green, he of Bigfoot Lodge. The man has a way with interiors---who doesn't love the National Park signs and fake fireplaces at Bigfoot, and when Green opened Lucky Tiki in Mission Hills in 2004, CityBeat said it was "the real deal." Maybe too authentic for the Valley: Lucky Tiki closed in 2006. So here we are with this little bit of info. Did Green pack up his puffer-fish lights and bamboo to reopen Lucky Tiki a mere 1.22 miles from the wonderously tiki Tiki-Ti in Los Feliz? Fire up the torches. [EaterWire]

ECHO PARK: The ABC application for Mitchell Frank's new wine bar went up a year ago, and still not much word on what's going on at the old El Prado space on Sunset. An Eater operative said she's been watching: "It looked like they were redoing the interior and then nothing else seemed to be going on. They may have finished." All we could get out of Frank, founder of Spaceland, was "We will let you know as soon as we get more details!!" [EaterWire]

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