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More Freebies: Pink's Hot Dogs, Red Mango

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What to expect, Weffie, Flickr

LA BREA: Even those who don't like Pink's still love a free hot dog. (It's the "allure of free," chalk it up to "Predictably Irrational" behavior.) Anyway, today and tomorrow (Feb 29-March 1) Pink's is giving away free hot dogs to the first 500 costumers, a promotion for a new Farrelly brothers comedy Unhitched that premieres of FOX next week. It's already been open for a half hour, so that quota could easily have been filled by now. Go. (709 N. La Brea Blvd)

WEST LA: If you choose to fight the crowds for tomorrow's give-away, go ahead and rush on over the newish Red Mango on Pico for dessert. This location opened last month but just now doing that free frozen yogurt thing that they do when they open a new store. Saturday, March 1, 12pm-4pm. (10913 W. Pico Boulevard)

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