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EaterWire: Provecho Planned for Downtown, The French 75/Savannah Switcheroo

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DOWNTOWN: Yes, yes. Just call this "Downtown Day." Chef/owner Gabriel Morales, who's made the rounds over the years (Polo Lounge, Fenix, Boa, Republic/Romanov), plans a "modern Mexican" restaurant, Provecho, at 800 Wilshire Boulevard. The menu looks enticing---torta sliders, lobster chili rellenos, ceviche---and there will be a hefty tequila list. Morales says the idea has "been burning inside for awhile" and hopes to open by mid-May. [EaterWire]

BURBANK: We're told that the David Wilhelm-owned French 75 will become the David Wilhelm-owned Savannah next Monday, February 11, as planned. The other location at Century City will make the change on February 18. It's a lot easier than you think to turn a brasserie into a Southern comfort den: Just swap steak frites with pecan and applewood smoked prime rib, add a few more California wines, take down the frilly French accents and voila!!?[EaterWire]

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