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Why Downtown Restaurants Can't/Won't Open

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Lunaresque Tranquility Base via Angelenic

Didn't it seem like new places were popping up all over Downtown, all the time? Unfortunately, we've come to realize it's only the announcement of new places that gets everyone all excited. Very little has actually opened due to permits, licensing, city bureaucracy; others, like Dana Hollister, "pull back" on their plans. Is Downtown worth all the hassle or is just the nature of the beast? Here, two more restaurants taking forever.

1) We first heard about Tranquility Base about a year ago, and in December---fully Plywooded and still under construction---the plan was to open before the new year. But sticky red tape continues to cause delays. According to Angelenic, the restaurant looks mostly ready to open, but probably not until mid-February.

2) Also about a year ago, we announced that a second BottleRock would open downtown by late fall '07. But since then, founder Adam Fleischman split with the other owners, litigation ensued, and more importantly, licensing hasn't been a breeze for the wine bar--in fact, we heard it was blocked by a "rogue city council member." Last word was they would open this month, but construction is in its infancy. They're hoping for a spring debut, but take that with a big helping of 'maybe'.
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