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WTF Is An Èple?

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We received this snap of the cryptic Èple signage in the Farmers Market and a note: "It seems to be an extension of Pinkberry. The design is almost the same, but right in front of it there is a free-floating island with stainless steel troughs with drains in them, something that looks like it's meant to hold ice or something." The sign and space do seem very Pinkberryesque. And what is it they're harvesting? We called the adjacent Pinkberry, and two swirlers confirmed it's owned by Pinkberry. One said it's a fruit stand, but the other person grabbed the phone and quickly said, "We don't know what it is yet." Tune your thoughts to the wrong place, and an Èple can sound like something nasty you get on your Pinkberry. WTF? Èple? Have fun with it. Comments awaits.

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