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Eater StarWatch: Danny DeVito at Osteria Mozza, Harrison Ford at Bossa Nova and MORE

The city's teeming with celebs, we leave it up to you to spot them. Hit the Eater StarWatch tip line with the goods.

Osteria Mozza: A tipster was in for dinner last night (Wed 2/6): "Danny DeVito was there with friends, Ellen Page (JUNO!) was there as well as Lars Ulrich of Metallica." Let's hope DeVito laid off the limoncello. [StarWatch Inbox]

Bossa Nova: "Saw Harrison Ford having lunch today 2/4. Very unassuming, came in, ate quickly and left. No fuss." One can't live on Ford's Filling Station alone. [StarWatch Inbox]

Gingergrass: "Monday, 1/28. Spotted Kate Walsh while I was having dinner. She was clad in a cozy-looking sweater coat and she and her friend were both very smiley. She kept her head down, went straight to pick up her food, and left without anyone recognizing her...I don't know what she got, but I'm sure it was delish--Gingergrass is one of my faves..." [StarWatch Inbox]

Dominick's: Young Hollywood, they love this Italian spot. All in one night, Jonah Hill having dinner with friends at at one table, Michelle Trachtenberg and Benjamin McKenzie at separate tables. [Planet Gossip]

Sushi Ike: On Saturday 2/2, James Spader was spotted with dark-rimmed glasses, "with a hot-but-age-appropriate redhead and one of his sons, who looks like Fred Savage circa 1995." [Defamer]

Chloe: Recently spotted: Laura Dern enjoying a cocktail at the new Santa Monica boite. [Planet Gossip]

Katsuya Hollywood: Maroon 5's frontman Adam Levine with a bunch of hipster guys and gals, enjoying the yellowtail. [Defamer]

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