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First Word: Freshly Shorn Food Dudes Shooting For May Resto Debut

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We're so glad our day with the Food Dudes, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, did not entail their friend Lou trying to bulls-eye his mouth with his own, um, stream. As wrong (but funny) as that is, we still have a soft spot for those crazy cooking kids. A lot has happened since our visit: 2 Dudes Catering came and went on the Food Network; execs said they were "too wild" and the show wasn't renewed after the five-episode run. Their long hair has since been shorn and donated to Wigs for Kids. They named their forthcoming restaurant Animal, and it's on the fast track for a May opening. The concept is still a work in progress--but big dreams for a "weed dispensary slash really great restaurant" were bandied about. Dude.
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